indoor plants

10 Easy To Care For Indoor Plants

indoor plants

While I love to garden I realize that not everyone is born with a green thumb. These plants are perfect for the lazy, busy and even those with a ‘black thumb’. They will forgive your neglect and patiently survive the harsh conditions you put them through. However, no plant is indestructible, so make sure to give them at least the minimum growing conditions they need for survival. Happy planting everyone!

Spider plants are one of the most popular house plants as they are known to be extremely adaptable and easy to care for. Medium light, moist soil, and comfortable room temperatures will keep them happy and since this plant can adapt to almost any condition that makes it perfect for those of us with a “black thumb”

boston fern plant 1


The Boston Fern is a low-maintenance plant and is a good choice for people who want a no-fuss, lush look in their home. Boston ferns mainly need a cool place, with high humidity and indirect light. If you can manage those three basic needs, you’ll have a green friend for years.

jade plant


The Jade plant, sometimes referred to as the money plant, doesn’t ask for much, its thick leaves and stems act as reservoirs for water which makes it one of the best plants for indoor gardening. To keep this plant healthy just water it when the top of the soil feels dry and make sure it receives at least 4 hours of direct sunlight daily. Jade plants make for the perfect window decoration.


snake plant

The Snake plant is great for the forgetful type because it is very forgiving and can survive neglect for weeks at a time. Not only is it pretty, but it can benefit your health too since it improves indoor air quality. These plants are great for a simple floor or table top display.




The Pothos plant is a very undemanding plant and for that reason is considered a good beginner plant to add some green into your home. These plants enjoy a variety of environments and are ideal for bathrooms or offices because they can tolerate low light.



The Echeveria is one of the prettiest succulent plants because of the bloom-like shape it grows in. There are many varieties and colors, so you can easily find the right one to go with the specific color scheme in your space. These plants require constant light and you must keep the soil moist.



The Aloe plant is another great succulent. It is best grown indoors and only requires watering about once every two weeks… Talk about low maintenance!


river rock bamboo 1 5

The Lucky Bamboo, also known as Dracaena Sanderiana, is the perfect desk accessory. It requires low light and several inches of water to keep its roots moist. It can survive in pure water for quite a while or if it is planted in soil, needs to be fertilized just once a month.


cast iron

The Cast Iron plant is of the toughest plants you can grow and is especially favored by those who do not have a lot of time for plant care. The cast iron plant grows well in low light indoors and is not finicky about regular water either. Although a slow grower, with the proper care this plant will live for many years, reaching a mature height of around 2 feet.


chinese evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is one of the most durable houseplants you can grow, tolerating poor light, dry air and drought. Its ease of care has made it one of the most popular houseplants grown in home. They need moderate watering, low or indirect light and temperatures no lower than 60 degrees.

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