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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Interior Designer

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The aesthetics and beauty of the interior of your home or office space should make you and your guests or clients feel comfortable and welcome when they visit. However, designing your own space without the proper knowledge is harder than it looks. It requires a trained eye to pay attention to the impact of details such as lighting, scale and acoustics along with style and aesthetics. To ensure you get both beauty and functionality in your home or office spaceyou need the help of an interior designer.



By  Suzan Horne |   | Posted in " Colour Consulting, Design, Home Improvement, Interior Design, Renovation, Restyling "

Why You Should Choose Give Me Shelter Design

We all know that architects design the structures we live and work in. But, what really brings your space to life are the aesthetic choices you make for the inside and outside of that structure. Interior designers understand color,  pattern,  texture,  furniture placement,  finishing materials and how they impact the character of every room. By using your function and style requirements as our guide and inspiration we create rooms to meet your need for productivity or relaxation  in your dream style.


Common Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Home Interiors

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Common Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Home Interiors

Would you like to transform your living space with beautiful interior design? Anybody would after seeing the same old furniture and window coverings year after year. By using an interior designer you can add style, elegance on a large scale or you can freshen up the look of your rooms with well chosen additions or modifications.


The Link Between Fashions Trends And Home Decorating

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We often think of fashion and decor as two completely different worlds. But style isn't just for the catwalk, it is for your home too. In the past, interior design trends have always lagged behind the fashion industry but today, the creative minds of both worlds come together. Fashion is as much about texture, design and pattern as is the world of interior design. A favorite dress fabric/print can become the inspiration for your new curtains or cushion cover, and the same effect happens with colors. Recently, after a period of gray being the "it" color, and neutral being the goal, we've……


Announcing the new website

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Announcing the New Website - Give Me Shelter Design

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website!


What Is Art Deco & How To Do It Right

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What is Art Deco and How to do it Right

Art deco is the foremost decorative style of the 1920’s and 30’s. It is distinguished by precise and boldly outlined geometric shapes and strong colors. Art deco was...


Southern California's Dog Friendly Beaches

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Southern California's Dog-Friendly Beaches

Autumn is in full swing and there’s nothing better than going to the beach on a warm day, but what about your canine friend? Not all beaches...


The Pros & Cons of Going Solar

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The Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Solar energy is more accessible, reliable and inexpensive than ever before. Many home owners...


You Need Insulation & Here's Why..

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You Need Insulation and Here's Why

I speak from experience when I say that insulating your home is life changing. Insulating helps maintain...


Decorating On A Budget

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Decorating on a Budget

When you have a budget to adhere to it is easy to buy things because of their price rather than furniture quality. Didn’t your...