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Common Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Home Interiors

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Would you like to transform your living space with beautiful interior design? Anybody would after seeing the same old furniture and window coverings year after year. By using an interior designer you can add style, elegance on a large scale or you can freshen up the look of your rooms with well chosen additions or modifications.

Although interior designing sounds fun and easy, there is a lot that goes into it, from visualizing the initial space design to choosing the right furniture, textiles, and accessories, then executing the design plan with the best contractors, quality installation, and dependable delivery from vendors. To help make your interior design project run smoothly, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid when designing your living space.

Not planning before starting the transformation process.When you start designing your space the most important thing to have in place, other than your style concept or design goals, is a plan for what you want to accomplish. From that plan comes the list of everything you will need to do or get and what kind of skilled labor and materials you need to get that work done. This process will allow you to determine your budget through estimates and allow you to evaluate products for their value and design to determine the best choices for your budget. So this will give you the freedom to splurge on the options of your choice.

De-emphasizing project management. People often make the mistake of not making a list of their goals, mostly because they do not know exactly what the entire list of items and work should be. Very often they begin before they have set themselves up for success with a plan and they go way beyond their budget because they are reacting to the process instead of managing it. Project Management is a very important part of design implementation and budget control and is one of the ways that a good designer adds value to a project even though there is a fee involved. Doing a project without a plan or an expert’s guidance is being penny wise but pound foolish.

Downplaying the scale while working on design or construction. There are many factors to take into consideration when you do any design or construction work and very often scale is the one that is most overlooked. For instance, If you want to add furniture in a space then understanding scale is very important as it will decide whether your furniture will fit in your space or it will be too big for the space, and if it is too big you will not be able to create comfortable spaces, your pieces will be comfortable but the space just won’t provide you with enough of what you need. You might have encountered this interior design gone wrong because in large showrooms where they show you large furniture it is hard for the inexperienced to judge the scale/size accurately and this results in the furniture being too large for their home when it is delivered. It’s crucial to understand your space and have a plan that includes the size of the pieces and furniture you can accommodate.

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