Decorating On A Budget


When you have a budget to adhere to it is easy to buy things because of their price rather than furniture quality. Didn’t your mother always say; if you buy quality things they will be with you for a long time, and if you buy things only based on the price, then you will have to replace them in just a short while. Now, she may have only been justifying buying those expensive designer boots but, regardless, this lesson applies to decorating as well.

So how do you decorate on a budget?

First, take the time to look at what is available: visit auction houses, second hand stores, thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. This is where you’re likely to find old pieces that you will love, and that other people don’t know the value of. Experience over time will make you better at knowing the value of pieces. Buy an old piece, refinish it and the piece becomes new all over again. This applies not only to a dresser that just needs some shine but also an old chair, couch, etc. that needs reupholstering. Add some trim to make it unique and you have a piece that will last for years.

When you are decorating, not every piece has to be precious but every piece should be something you truly love. You can always mix quality pieces with less expensive finds. The trick is to imagine where you would have it and how great it will be with your other things. The power in a collection created with a consistent eye.

Art makes a huge difference in any space. Buy framed thrift store art and paint the frames, if needed, hang framed photos instead of more costly art pieces or give a simple framed piece of art the appearance of a masterwork with oversize matting and framing.

Nothing is more budget friendly than DIY projects. If you are handy then you can build a desk, shelves, even a headboard all on your own with inexpensive materials and finish them with paint and upholstery. If you don’t feel like building, you can paint old furniture to give it a new life and customize it.

There are lots of resources for decorating on a budget. Whether you want to shop second hand or build it yourself, always remember that shopping smart is about quality at any price and loving every piece.

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