Here are some testimonials from recent clients:

  • I have only three words to say: HIRE THIS WOMAN. Okay, so maybe a few more words. Suzan has a grasp not only of color and layout and flow, but her spaces are richly textured and layered. If you want, that is. Suzan also listens and observes, tailoring the furnishings and accessories to the client and how they will be used, at work, at home, at play.

    Desk a mess? Closets look like they’ve been hit by a tornado? Suzan’s organizational skills can sort through the detritus and make it all come together to function well for you.

    Suzan recently helped me sort through my elderly father’s life; masses of paper and things crammed into a two bedroom apartment. My father is still here, but the increasing dementia of the past 5 years made a total muddle of his place. Suzan sorted through the dross to find the pieces worth saving, and helped spot things that will become a sort of portable representation of my dad’s memories of his life. Her work let me focus on the documents that I needed to focus on, enabling me to get through an avalanche of material in less than a week. She organized his desk so that he could use it, respecting his need to still feel useful, along with understanding the comfort he feels sitting behind his desk in the office where he spent so many years.

    Talented, grounded, funny—these are all facets of Suzan. As for your space, Suzan can transform it, or help you make it what you wanted it to be but weren’t sure how to get there.

    –Melissa Kaplan

  • Dear Suzan,

    Chris and I owe you a thank you for the wonderful and creative job you did in helping us in our decision of a new color for the exterior of our house. As you know, we were at a loss as to what we wanted, we just knew we didn’t want white again.

    You worked very thoughtfully in guiding us through the decision process, from investigating colors for a “Moroccan” style house, picking a range of colors for us to choose from, and always listening to our opinions and concerns.

    We loved that you took charge and had someone paint the samples of our color choices that we had narrowed down on our walls and gave us your thoughts and guidance. Two outstanding ideas that you had, were the decorative details on the archways of our house and not only the color choice for the breezeway ceiling, but using a semi gloss paint that gave it a whole different feel. Also appreciated, was the professional painter you had come out and execute the archway details.

    One more thing I wanted to mention was that you made it fun and it was a pleasure to work with you. If you ever need a reference, I would be glad to talk to anyone interested in your services.

    Warm regards,
    Tess and Chris Nelson

    –Tess and Chris Nelson

  • Our experience with Suzan was remarkable. After being out of our home for more than 6 months, she helped us with a huge remodel job that started because of severe water damage. What started as a nightmare became a dream to come home to.

    Suzan is very personable, professional and gifted with her talents. She knew all the right steps to take and the knowledge to find us the best contractors for the various jobs of putting our home back together. She was very easy to work with while being very clear and precise on how things were to be done.

    After the repairs her real talent came out in decorating our home. Listening to our basic ideas and needs and taking into consideration our already existing taste in art, furniture and decor she came up with beautiful ideas of color, paint, carpets, countertops, hardwood flooring and numerous fixtures to compliment our home in such a lovely way. Even using some of our existing pieces in different areas of our home she brought new life and a whole new look to the rooms.

    She kept us very informed along the way and was mindful in keeping within our cost range. She even found us some great deals!

    After our ordeal, having a professional come in to expedite and move things along in a timely manner, with her ideas, sample boards and color scheme choices, it made it a pleasure that relieved our minds. We couldn’t have done it without her.

    Suzan was an absolute joy. We would and will be using her services again.

    Roberta and Gary Benjamin
    Prescott, Arizona

    –Gary and Roberta Benjamin