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The Link Between Fashions Trends And Home Decorating

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We often think of fashion and decor as two completely different worlds. But style isn’t just for the catwalk, it is for your home too.

In the past, interior design trends have always lagged behind the fashion industry but today, the creative minds of both worlds come together. Fashion is as much about texture, design and pattern as is the world of interior design. A favorite dress fabric/print can become the inspiration for your new curtains or cushion cover, and the same effect happens with colors.

Recently, after a period of gray being the “it” color, and neutral being the goal, we’ve been seeing a lot of florals and bright colors not only in fashion but also in interior design. Trends in both fashion and design take cues from each other and directly mirror one other. While fashion is about dressing yourself, interior design is about dressing your home. Our homes and our wardrobes are a direct reflection of our personality, how we want people to perceive us, and what makes us comfortable. Both of these worlds are influenced by who we are, our lifestyle and our preferences in style for our surroundings.

Although not as slow moving as they have been in the past, interior design trends do still lag behind fashion trends. This will likely always be the case as your home does not need to be renewed as often as your wardrobe. However, fashion inspires us with new techniques, materials and new integrations of color each season. We should embrace this by pulling the new colors or prints into our homes, perhaps a pillow, perhaps a curtain, instead of refurnishing or repainting, use them as accents.

Fashion and decor are both about lifestyle which really makes them part of the same world. Click on the link below to see a few examples of how home design and fashion have directly influenced each other. 

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