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Do You Have a Color Palette in Mind?

Whether you’re looking for a new color scheme or trying to figure out which colors will work best with the ones you already have. Our color consultants will help you choose the right colors for your project and ensure they work together beautifully.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Our Color Consultation in Los Angeles, CA

Color analysis is one of the most powerful tools we have for making an immediate impact; we highly recommend this service. It will enable us to freshen your interior and contribute to creating a cohesive design concept by pulling together an entire room or home because it will provide a new backdrop for your beloved possessions. If your existing furnishings are worn-out or dated, we can source new coordinating fabrics to cover or re-style your pieces if you want to breathe new life, function, and style into them; because well-made furniture lasts even when the upholstery does not. The scope of our color consultation depends on your design goals, the recommended solutions you want to implement, and your budget considerations.


Benefit From The Many Advantages of Professional Color Consultation

Homeowners and businesses often repaint their properties as an affordable way of breathing new life into the same environment. However, most of the time, they do not hire a professional color consultant for this task, which is why most people are left unsatisfied with the final results. Hire Give Me Shelter Design for the color consultation and benefit from:

  • Bringing new, professional ideas to the table
  • We have the knowledge and expertise you need
  • We can work with what you already have
  • We understand color psychology

Work Hand-In-Hand With a Professional Color Consultant

Before you start your new painting project, call us to learn more about how our color consultation services can help you embellish any room in your home within your budget. Give Me Shelter Design can help you with interior design color schemes, interior design color, paint color consultation, room color selection, and more!
Don’t waste money and time on something that, in the end, you will not love, and invest wisely with us!

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